Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

Your daily lifestyle habits have a tremendous influence on not only your health and vitality but also your mood and cognitive function. For 35 years, the Whitaker Wellness Institute has specialized in helping patients adopt—and stick with—lifestyle changes for better physical and mental health, optimal weight, and enhanced longevity.

Diet: A healthy diet keeps you mentally sharp and emotionally balanced and helps stave off memory loss. Studies suggest a Mediterranean-type diet—based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, olive oil, lean poultry, fish, and some dairy—not only makes you healthier and happier but it is also linked with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

Exercise: If the health benefits of exercise could be bottled, it would be the most powerful medical therapy on earth. Regular exercise normalizes blood pressure, reduces insulin resistance, stabilizes blood glucose levels, reduces weight, balances hormones, and improves sleep. It’s also a natural mood booster that releases tension, brings down stress hormones, boosts feel-good neurotransmitters, and enhances self-confidence.

Stress Management: Stress can make you feel anxious, depressed, and forgetful and can lead to inappropriate coping mechanisms such as alcohol and drug dependence. Although you can’t escape it altogether—stress is part of the human condition—you can learn to manage it.

Bringing It All Together: Our certified clinical nutritionist will help you identify food allergens and sensitivities and create a neuroprotective diet just for you. Our exercise trainer will work with you to adopt a personalized exercise program. We’ll also help you manage your stress with the right combination of acupuncture, therapeutic massage, reflexology, and relaxation techniques. Find out how the Whitaker Wellness Institute’s Brain Recovery Program can help improve all aspects of your cognitive and overall health

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