Peace of Body, Mind, and Soul

“When we came to Whitaker Wellness last year, I was at the lowest place I’d been in a long time. Over the past few years, I’d gone through the stress of caring for my first husband during his illness and the grief of his passing. Although I am now happily remarried to a wonderful man, I just wasn’t feeling as well physically or mentally as I had in the past.

“For example, I’ve worked at the same law firm for 20 years, but I would forget the names of clients—and I’ve known some of them for decades. Or I’d miss appointments at the beauty shop, which, as any woman knows, no one forgets. I had taken care of my mother after she had a stroke and was suffering with dementia, and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that, like her, I was developing Alzheimer’s. When I mentioned these things to my physician at Whitaker Wellness, she prescribed a course of neurofeedback.

“After the very first treatment, I noticed a sense of serenity that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Some of it was the relief I felt when the neurofeedback therapist, who is exceptionally kind and patient, reassured me that I didn’t have Alzheimer’s, but that the activity in certain areas of my brain was out of sync, most likely as a result of the grief, stress, and fear I had been dealing with. I had several treatments, and, after each one, I felt better and better.

“Of all the therapies I did at Whitaker Wellness, neurofeedback was the most valuable. It gave me lasting calmness and peace of body, mind, and soul.”

—Nelda Mills, Texas

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