About Us

The Whitaker Brain Recovery Program is directed by Julian Whitaker, MD, an internationally recognized pioneer in nutritional medicine and the therapeutic use of nutritional supplements. Author of 15 books and the popular monthly newsletter, Health & Healing, his nutrient protocols for the treatment of serious diseases have been adopted by hundreds of thousands of patients and physicians.


The Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, CA, is one of the largest integrative medicine clinics in North America. Founded in 1979, the clinic has treated 50,000 patients over the past 35 years with Dr. Whitaker’s unique combination of lifestyle changes, oral and intravenous nutritional therapies, cutting-edge treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and neurofeedback, and the clinic’s signature Back to Health Program.

For more information about the Whitaker Brain Recovery Program or the Whitaker Wellness Institute, call (866) 944-8253.

Dr. Julian Whitaker